Past actions

Calgary Climate Action Network is always excited about getting out into the streets and making ourselves heard. These are some of the fun but important, impactful events and actions we have coordinated.

Calgary Townhall On Canada’s Climate Plan

Video provided by Visilink

On June 29th, Calgary Climate Action Network, with the support of the Alberta Solar Coop, Iron and Earth, Idle No More Calgary and Treaty 7, Leadnow, and, brought together more than 120 Calgarians on Treaty 7 territory to talk about how Canada should act on climate change. We were blown away by the packed room, by the level of conversation. The Trudeau government plans to put forward a new national climate strategy for Canada before the end of 2016. This is a once in a generation opportunity to chart a new path for our city and our country. This is a time of unprecedented change, and we need to make sure it works for us and for everyone. A strong national climate strategy could help put people back to work,meet our climate targets, affirm indigenous rights, and support workers in the transition to a clean economy. But we will only get the future we want if we tell our government what we think, and what works for our communities. And on the 29th, people showed up. The evening started with presentations to kickstart people’s thinking (above) and ended with reports from people’s conversations (below). it was an amazing evening of community building and solutions catalyzing. To more evenings like it!

People’s Climate Rally – November 29, 2015

For most of 2015, people in the climate movement had an eye towards the international climate negotiations- the 21st United Nations Conference of the Parties, or COP21 for short, that would take place in Paris for two weeks starting on November 29. It was supposed to be a make it or break it moment for the world to take action on climate change, and around the globe, regular people signed up to march, rally, and make noise to urge leaders to take strong action. Here in Calgary, we hosted a large rally attended by over 300 people. It was a fantastic day with music, art, wonderful speakers, and networking. Check out the whole photo album here.

300 people at a rally holding signs supporting action on climate change


Leader’s Debate Rally – September 17, 2015

The 2015 Canadian federal election was a crucial one – after 9 years of the fossil-fuel loving Stephen Harper, it was imperative that Canadians elect a new leader who would take action on climate change. So when we heard that Harper, Justin Trudeau, and Tom Mulcair, the leaders of the three largest parties (excluding Elizabeth May, but that’s a whole other story) were going to be in Calgary for a debate, we knew we needed to show up to help hold them accountable on energy issues. We used a giant ‘carbon bubble’ prop to convey our message that fossil fuels are a bad bet for our economy! Check out the rest of the photos here.

A group of people holding a giant black bubble and signs that say 'avoid the carbon bubble, keep fossil fuels in the ground'


AB climate panel open house – September 1, 2015

In the spring of 2015, Alberta was tipped on its head when the provincial election resulted in a new NDP government. We knew things were going to be changing, and it didn’t take long- soon we heard that the government had convened a panel of experts to assess the climate and energy situation in Alberta and provide guidelines for how to move forward. Even better, the panel was actively seeking input from regular Albertans. We knew we had to speak up, without voices like ours, the oil industry would use their power to dominate the conversation. We gathered a group of people, and we headed to the open house event wearing bright green t-shirts saying ‘I support strong climate action’. We made quite a splash! We talked to a lot of attendees, and some reporters too- check out this CBC article. In the end, the provincial government made some fantastic steps towards a stable climate future, and it wouldn’t have happened without people like us, and you, speaking up. Thank you!

Group of people wearing green t-shirts that say 'I support strong climate action'


April 2015 Rally – April 26, 2015

For several months, numerous CCAN volunteers worked on many aspects of creating the first climate change rally to be held in Calgary. On the Sunday afternoon, approximately 300 persons of all ages gathered at City Hall, listened to speeches from activists Rev. Bill Phipps and others,  enjoyed The Raging Grannies, and proceeded to march to Eau Claire where there was a talking circle and general networking. A successful day!

Large group marching down Calgary street holding signs supporting climate action